Best 4 Channel Amplifiers – Four Channal Amps

4-channel amplifiers are built to power all four speakers in you’re car. Using a great four channel amplifier enables you to manage each and every channel on the car amp, at the same time manage a bridge connection. To achieve the crispy crystal clear audio playing throughout your automobile you’ll need the very best car speakers as well as a good amp. Here is a listing of the greatest car amplifiers to power you’re brand new pair of speakers.

Having that said, check out what amplifiers our staff has hand-picked for you to choose from. Each and every amp below our some the top-rated amplifiers that money can buy.

Best 4 Channel Car Amps List


JL Audio XD400/4: 4 Channel Class D Full-Range Amplifier 400 Watts

Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amplifier, 50 Watts RMS x 4

New Rockford Fosgate Prime 600 Watt Class D 4 channel Amplifier

Alpine KTP-445U 4-channel Power Pack Amplifier

Kenwood KAC-M1804 Compact 4-channel Amplifier

Below we go over some of the top ampflier brands for cars. We suggest you try sticking to this list. However, its always best to remember to match your car amplifier brand to the same brand of you’re car speakers.

Best 4 Channel Amplifier Brands

Pyle Amps

Pyle’s is incredibly well-known brand name in a car audio industry. They provide Extremely high-performing audio electronic products and particularly four channel car amps. Based on testimonials everyone loves the Pyle car 4-channel amps and will never own a different car amplifier brand.

Kicker Amps

I know you’ve all have heard of the Kicker amps from the admiration they obtain from their devoted client base. They are fully aware of the in’s/out’s on car audio and video, and been mastering the grade of audio for decades now. They’ve got extremely effective as well as high quality car amps that will never dissatisfy a person with their products.

Rockford Fosgate Amps

Rockford amps are top-notch and is often very costly. However they stay behind the product or service 100% and provide simply total satisfaction to their consumer. Obtaining a Rockford Fosgate car amp for me personally, is the ultimate way to go when choosing. They’ve got a huge selection of amplifiers to pick from with an a lot of different high and low power car amps.

Kenwood Amps

Kenwood company has been inside the car audio and video game for many years and it has expanded their business and it’s recognized throughout the world for the things they do. They’ve got among the best car speakers, amplifiers, head units and all kinds of other excellent products and solutions too. Many people choose the Kenwood car amplifier due to the fact of it’s long-lasting life as well as overall performance they’re intended to produce.

Why four channels amps

These particular kinds of car amplifiers are primarily utilized to power the four door car audio speakers. In case you bought or intend on improving your existing stock audio speakers then this might be the perfect amplifier to suit your needs. When improving the car speakers they often require additional (wattage) than your stock car speakers. Therefore, possessing a high quality 4 channel amplifier is highly advisable to receive the full effect from your audio system.

What 4 channel amp size should I get?

It’s actually likely to differ for everybody based on the audio speakers you receive and also the RMS with them. RMS stands for” root mean squared” which provides a concept on how high in volume your speakers are going to be. Look into the RMS wattage is suggested for any speakers to find out how powerful you’re amp needs to be. I would personally a minimum of nothing under a 400-watt 4 channel amplifier.

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