Best 4K Projector Reviews 2017

Most 4K projectors are really impressive, many will have weaknesses and strengths when others could have some remarkable features that others don’t. If you are searching to find the best 4K projector available, then you need to look at this tutorial guide that will help you select the one for you’re particular needs.

When purchasing a 4K projector, there are some issues you ought to take into account when buying the one which is ideal for your needs, Within this guideline, we will explain what things you should consider and show you exactly what our best 4K projectors available on the market are, and lastly, provide you with a critique of the greatest of them all. Continue reading to obtain the important information before you purchase your projector.

You will find a few main features to read about before choosing your projector:

Things to consider when choosing a new 4K Projector

Image resolution. This fundamentally means quantity of pixels. Most high-definition projectors have 100 % Hi-def 1080P using a image resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Some people have increased image resolution. So, the larger the resolution, the greater appearance quality your images can look for the reason that pixels is going to be crucial depending on the quality you’re looking to recieve.

Image Comparison. This is among the most significant things to consider when selecting a 4K projector as it can certainly actually impact the picture quality. Therefore the greater your projector’s form a contrast ratio, the much deeper the shades of black is going to be and also the much more simple the colors are going to show up.

Lighting. You will notice that most 4K projectors possess a common lumination outcome varying in between 700 & 2500 lumens. For those who have a darkish place with minimal lighting, then you do not need higher lumens. Nevertheless, in case your bedroom has much more surrounding lumination, then greater lumens are essential.

Best 4K Projectors Reviews


Sony VPLVW350ES 4K (4096p) 3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector
JVC DLAX500R Home Theater Projector with 4K e-shift3

Epson Home Cinema 2030 1080p, HDMI, 3LCD, Real 3D, 2000 Lumens Color and White Brightness, Home Theater Projector

BenQ W1070 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT3050 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector with Rec. 709 Color (2015 Model)


JVC audio is a name associated with this series of products and solutions but the JVC DLA-X700R delivers with each other some of the brand’s very best technological innovation to give you a 4K projector which is a genuine opponent in the industry. This projector’s e-shift3 technological innovation accept native 4K 60P by means of the 4K empowered HDMI inputs. It enables you to control distinction so the photos you see will just virtually place out of the display screen.

The JVC DLA-X700R, is like no other JVC precision projectors, uses three DILA devices so that your image is stable and there is no flickering whatsoever. This projector is certified by THX and licensed by ISF, as it has both met and exceeded all of their very high standards.

JVC has outdone itself on this 4K projectors and the reviews on this product are raving ones with owners very happy with their projector.

Epson 5030UB

EPSON is almost using the guide with regards to 4K projectors and also the 5030UB is undoubtedly a design to look for when you shop. It’s very very easy to install and possesses a promised stress-free set up for consumers and people.

This model offer as much as 3 times better colors than some other projector. It’s actually coloring lighting can attain 2,400 lumens and it is white-colored illumination also actually reaches 2,400 lumens. And that’s a great deal of lighting!

As for comparison, this EPSON guarantees an exceptional compare ratio as high as 600,000:1. This is among the greatest comparison ratios available on the market inside of a 4K projector.

Buyers of this EPSON really like it and has great review on it. If you would like, you are able to spend increasingly obtain the choice with 3D eyeglasses.

Epson PowerLite

Just much like the EPSON 5030, the EPSON 5025 projector is really a champion rolling around in its class too!

When it comes to colour, it provides incredible vibrant colours which can be approximately 3 times brighter than every other projector however with the muse of dependable overall performance at the same time. Even though some individuals try to find colour lighting, they ought to be conscious that this is simply not sufficient a concern to depend on. It’s also wise to consider white-colored lighting. This design offers 2200 lumens for colour lighting and the other 2200 lumens for white-colored lighting at the same time.

Image resolution within the 5025 is Full HD 1080P in wide screen at the same time. So if you’re predicting onto a wall structure or on to a display screen, you can be certain you’re going to get as much as 300 inches of images on any surface area. Distinction can also be quite high at a rate of 600,000:1.

Purchasers really enjoy it because of its high quality and determination and state that the colours and brightness are matchless! Nevertheless, there are a handful of drawbacks with it within the evaluations and they also consist of sluggish response time therefore it does not allow it to be well suited for gaming. Also, the lens needs to be targeted by hand as opposed to electronically.

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