Best BookShelf Speakers under $1000 & $500

Are you here looking for the best budget bookshelf speakers for the money? We are going to share with different bookshelf speaker reviews that range from $100 all the way up to $1,000. So hangout, kick back and check out some of the top-rated shelf speakers.

Best BookShelf Speaker Under $1,000

JBL L820 4-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker

For the best bookshelf speaker under 1,000 dollars, I introduce you to the JBL L820 4-Way Loudspeaker. This high-performing super speaker is top of the line in every aspect. For the price of $630 dollars for a pair is a lot of money. However, this speaker is worth every penny you sink it to and will agree once you listen to music on them.

With a current rating of 4.7 out of 5 star possible is pretty damn amazing if you ask me. The JBL L820 speakers are great bookshelf speakers and can me used to mount on the wall on the sides of your TV. The JBL L820 has a 6” loudspeaker that delivers music crystal clear at all volume levels. Equipped with all the latest cones and manufactured with the latest technology, make these speaker sound quality super-rare. Whether its home audio, car audio or even marine audio JBL always comes out on top with the best-performing products.

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All in all, the JBL L820 shelf speaker is one of the best for under $1,000, based on sound delivery quality and performance. Despite the price, there is nothing bad to say about these speakers.

Best Bookshelf Speaker Under $500

Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speaker Pair

Hmm, the best shelf speaker for under $500. That’s tough because there is a handful of them, but we have narrowed the search down to a single one that we highly recommended. Yes, that’s right we have picked the Audioengine A5+ Premium bookshelf speaker that cost roughly around $450. And the looks of these speakers will make you fall in love instantly. The speaker box is built with carbonized bamboo and it’s just beautiful looking. However, we not here to find a speaker that “looks good”, we want one that performs the best for under $500 and we found it.

The Audioengine A5+ Premium speaker has it’s very own built-in amplifier at 50 watts RMS per channel. This is one of its greatest perks and help improve the sound quality coming out from the speaker. It’s a 2 way speakers that includes a Kevlar custom woofer driver and high quality tweeters. These speakers are also compatible with all Window operating system computers and Mac systems. The Audioengine A5+ Premium speakers do make the perfect office or computer room speaker setup to have.

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All in all, for the price of $470 these can be your speakers. Add them into your living room, home offer or even add them to your man cave. Either way, where ever these speakers are going to be used, you will be satisfied in the end.

How to choose the best speaker for you

  • Size: If you’re going to be place this speaker on a shelf make sure you check the speaker dimension and the shelf to see if it’s to big or small. Also if you plan on mounting these speaker be sure to check out the mounting kits they have to offer with the speakers.
  • Power: How much power do the speaker require? Make sure you have the proper audio equipment to power the speakers for max-performance and sound quality.
  • Drives: How many drives do you want? Drive are how many speakers, woofers and tweeter are built-in. They have 1-way speakers, 2-way speakers, 3-way speakers and even 4-way bookshelf speakers for under $1000.
  • Warranty: If buying online you want make sure you read about the warranty and how it works. Most of the time you will get a manufacture warranty and an option to get an expended warranty. However, depending on how much money you spend on the speakers, like a lot of money, I would suggest the warranty extension.
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