Overview on the Best Car Amplifiers 2017

What does an amplifier do? Well, it’s one of my most crucial pieces to created the best sounding car audio system. It’s what powers you system and making sure you get the right amount of power needed for your subwoofer is a must. So make sure the amplifier total wattage comes somewhere very close of the wattage of the subwoofer or speakers you are trying to power. You never want to go short on wattage or you won’t get the full experience and performance.

We have dedicated our time to put together a list of some top quality amplifiers that our staff hand-picked that we recommend. Hopefully this list can make it easier for you to find what you are looking for without any hassle.

List of the Top Rated & Best Car Amplifiers of 2017


Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Amplifier

BOSS AUDIO R1100M Riot 1100-Watt Monoblock, Class A/B 2-8 Ohm Stable Monoblock Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control

BOSS AUDIO PT3000 Phantom 3000-Watt Full Range, Class A/B 2-8 Ohm Stable 2 Channel Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control

Kenwood KAC-M1804 Compact 4-channel Amplifier


Lanzar VIBE242 2000 Watts 2 Channel Mosfet Amplifier

BOSS AUDIO AR2000M Armor 2000-Watt Monoblock, Class A/B 2-8 Ohm Stable Monoblock Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control

A popular test for musicians and producers when they’re checking to see how a track or an album sounds, how well it was mixed, and to notice any further adjustments that need to be made in the studio before the album is officially finished, is the “car stereo test.” This is when they’ll take the current mix of the track or album, take a break from being stuck inside of a cramped studio, and play the songs and listen to them in the way that many of their fans and listeners will hear their music: Through their car stereo. When it comes to radio play, the way that a song sounds coming through the speakers of a car stereo can make or break the success of a song.

But, what if you wanted to take your car stereo up a notch? What if you wanted a car stereo system that was so good, every song suddenly sounds incredible, and listening to music in the car changes from something you do to pass the time, but instead becomes your favorite way to listen to music? Chances are, to do that and to have the ultimate car stereo is a stellar car amplifier.

What is a Car Amlifier

A car or truck amplifier enhances the electric indicators which come out of your car stereo to produce far more energy to your sound system. Furthermore the amplifier develop extra power, but furthermore, it helps make the sound more clear and may make it easy for you to hook up more speakers. All car radios are set up with a factory amplifier have a tendency to produces sufficient power for a factory audio system.

Folks who suffer auto amp will dramatically draw out the top-of-the-line audio quality you deserve as well as providing immeasureable electrical power for all of your speakers and/or subs.Car or truck amps tend to be the more costly ingredient in a car audio system with rates which range from 100s to thousands. In case you are new to car audio, I strongly suggest going through this part thoroughly to obtain a beneficial knowledge of what to consider when buying car amps.

How to choose an Amp

Selecting a great motor vehicle amp can be quite a mind-numbing process as there are numerous varieties , models and manufacturers on the market . The interactive information listed below as well as the evaluation that comes after will assist you to decide and figure out which car amp is perfect for you.

RMS: The quantity of constant electrical power that an amplifier generates, calculated in watts. The RMS power of your amplifier ought to match up the RMS power rating with your bass speaker or subwoofer and audio speakers. The greater the RMS score, the noisier and tidier your tunes appears to be.

Maximum electric power: The wattage a car or truck amp has intended for limited sound boosts. This number is generally greater than the RMS power.

Amplifiers can be found in many different unique configurations, and also the proper amount of channels is determined by how many audio speakers you might have in your audio system. Generally speaking, you are going to need one channel for each and every speaker that you would like to amplify. When you are including a sub in an current system, then the one channel amp will complete the task perfectly. Looking for a 5000 watt amp for your car? check out the only the best we have to offer.

Best Car Amp Reviews

1) Lanzar VCT2310 3000 Watt 2 Channel High Power MOSFET Amplifier

As it turns out, one of the highest rated car amplifiers is also one of the most affordable. Starting at just over $110, the Lanzar VCT2310 3000 Watt 2 Channel amplifier works great with any number of subwoofers that your car stereo system might have, but it does seem to work best with 12-inch subwoofers. This Lanzar amp proves that you don’t have to spend premium money to get premium sound quality. All in all, for the price of this high-performing amplifer you won’t find another that will compare.

2) Alpine PDX-V9, 4-Channel Extreme Power Density Digital Amplifier

On the other end of the price scale is the Alpine PDX-V9, 4-channel Extreme Power Density Digital Amplifier. The Alpine makes a lot of promises along with its steep $550 price tag. Its impressively sleek design makes you feel like you’re doing something far more important than just completing your car stereo. Its size also makes it easy to install and not an inconvenience to be able to keep in the car. All in all, the Alpine PDX-V9, 4-Channel Extreme Power Density Digital Amplifier proves itself to be worth high praise and a high price, but perhaps not quite the massive $550 when you could get something of quality for significantly less. This amplifier also comes in a 5 channel.

3) BOSS Audio R1100M Riot 1100-watts Monoblock Class A/B 1 Channel 2-8 Ohm Stable Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control

BOSS is one of the biggest brand names out there (no matter what your opinions of their products are), and when it comes to car amplifiers, also one of the most affordable. The BOSS Audio R1100M Riot 1100-watt amplifier starts at a tempting $48.95, so if you’re unsure where to begin with car amplifiers, this might be the best route to take. Not only does this amp start at one of the most affordable prices in the best car amplifier market, but it also is one of the most popular (go figure).

The bottom line

Car amplifiers are very crucial for any sound system and choosing the right one is important. I can’t stress enough to make sure that you amplifier has enough power the speakers/subwoofers you are going to end up connecting to it. If not you’re just going to be wasting money and a pair of good subwoofers/speakers.

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