Best Kicker Amps in Car Audio 2017

If you know anything about car audio, then you already some of the best amplifiers are the Kicker Amps. Kicker is one of leading car audio brands on the markets that created some of the top car amplifiers, car subwoofers, marine speakers and even car speakers.

Kicker is been in the game for a long time have really have built a reputable name for themselves due to the high quality of their audio products. So what are staffed has done here was gone through all the best kicker amplifiers and built a list of which ones are the best-selling and top-rated and combined them all into one big list for you. This mini-guide will help you find the best amp made by kicker and should make finding the right one for you easy.

List of the Best Kicker Amps to Buy


11ZX2500.1 (ZX2500.1) - Kicker 2500W RMS Class D Monoblock ZX Series Amplifier

Kicker 11ZX5001 500w Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

Kicker CX-Series Monoblock Power Amplifier

KICKER DX400.4 400W RMS 4-Channel DX Series Car Amplifier

Kicker 41DXA1500.1 1500 Watt Mono Power Amplifier

Kicker 11DX1252 125W RMS 2-Channel DX Series Amplifier (DX1252)

Kicker History

Kicker continues to be standing upright in the automobile audio market for years. They’ve been in the technology race of manufacturing a number of the best competition subwoofers, standard subwoofers, truck and car speakers, and far better yet car amps. They really display their expert knowledge of producing car audio and video, and outline the actual audio of tunes and bass sounds. I’d personally can’t help but recommend the kicker amp brand name, because of its overall performance and superior quality; you cannot go wrong by having an amp manufactured by Kicker Audio.

Watts? How much do I need?

When you have determined the number of channel Kicker amp you’ll need, then you will want to discover the overall RMS wattage in the car or truck sound system that you’re going to power. By studying the specs of your audio speakers or subwoofers you’ve got, you’ll see a little something referred to as RMS. RMS is the advised output capacity to each and every audio speaker and subwoofer. If you’re connecting several speakers and car subwoofers then you need to check and make sure you include each of the RMS watts with each other to obtain the complete needed figure to function your audio system up to it’s standard.

Acquiring an absence of electrical power from the amp to the subwoofer is among the most commonly encountered mistake individuals make, please don’t be considered one of them. It requires under A few minutes to correctly look into the average watts that you’ll need.

How many channels?

You’ll find so many different kinds, sizing’s, wattage, and designs of amps available on the market. With regards to obtain a new kicker amplifier, probably the most essential things you should know is how many speakers or subwoofers you are energizing as part of your audio system. For example, If you’re operating two 15” subwoofers, then you need to obtain a 2 channel amp. If you are considering just operating a single car subwoofer then you need to purchase a one or two channel amp. On the other hand, if you choose to decide on a single subwoofer and a two channel amplifier simply because you may well at some point include an additional bass speaker or something like that this is fine. I would personally recommend ensuring that it is a bridgeable 2-channel amplifier since it will operate an individual subwoofer significantly better. Check out some of our top four channel amplifiers.

Closing Up…

Like each and every component in a car audio system has a crucial purpose. To ensure you’re going to get the most out of your car audio sound system, you want to make sure you are using the correct and best kicker amp for the best results possible. This includes the right amounts of watts powering your system as well as the right amount of channels for each speakers/subwoofer connected to the sound system in your car or truck. Thanks for checking out our top kicker amp reviews and ratings.

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