Best Mono Amplifier For Cars

When its comes having a good sound system for cars having one of the best mono amplifiers is crucial. Every piece in a sound system counts. Doesn’t matter how good your subwoofer or car speakers are, without having a good mono amplifier that supplies them with the requirement wattage you’re wasting your money.

That’s why we have made this post to help people understand that having the best mono amp with only improve your system. With that being said, our team has put a great list together of some of the top-selling and best-rating car amplifiers that are mono channel.

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Best Mono Amplifiers (1 Channel Amp) List 2016

Rockford Fosgate Prime 1,200-Watt Class-D 1-Channel Amplifier$$$$4.8
Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Amplifier$$$4.8
NEW Kicker 12CX12001 1200 Watt Amp Monoblock Car Audio MonoD Power Sub Amplifier$$$$4.6
Kicker 12CX3001 CX-Series Monoblock Power Amplifier - Each (Black)$$$4.4
Kenwood KAC-5001PS 1000-Watt Class D Mono Power Amplifier with LPF$$$4.3
BOSS AUDIO R1600M Riot 1600-Watt Monoblock, Class A/B 2 to 8 Ohm Stable Monoblock Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control$$4.2

Do I need a Mono Channel Amp?

Most people use a mono amplifier when they have a single car subwoofer that has more wattage than there double din head unit or single din head unit can handle. Most of these units on today’s market can only handle around about 50-75 watts per channel. However, if you have a subwoofer they usually require much more watt power than a car speaker does. You’re average car subwoofer can handle anywhere from 100 watts all the way up 4,000 watts. And this is where you are going to need a car amplifier to give that subwoofer the proper amount of power to handle itself.

Top Mono Amp Brands

When it comes to having a good car audio brand and system you need to know what are the good brands vs the bad brands. So we are going to share a few good car amplifier brands we recommend that can make a difference.


One of the most expensive brands is the MTX car amplifier brand. MTX audio has been in the car audio industry for a very long time and is one of the most reliable and highest performing car audio brands on the market. Nevertheless, MTX is one of the most expensive audio brand when it comes to car but their products are worth every penny and are super reliable.


Kicker has been in the car audio industry for decades. When most people think of Kicker audio they are built and manufactured for competition style when it comes to car audio. Yes, Kicker makes some great audio products for automobiles but also make some great marine speakers and more. You can check outs Kickers Homepage Here and see what they have to offer and much more.

Reviews on Mono Channel Amplifiers

When choosing a good mono amp you been to know the spec’s and what it has to offer your sound system. You can find below some of the best amplifiers and the reason why we chose these mono amps to be great for a reason.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime

The Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime mono amplifier for car is a 300 Watt amp and gets the job done depending on the RMS of you car subwoofer. It is capable of running 300 max power wattage at 4-Ohms and can produce all the way up to 500 Watts and 2-Ohms.

This amplifier is great for single subwoofer because it include an on-board punch bass and remote to handle the equalizer. The Fosgate R500X1D also includes on of the highest pass-thru outlets for the money. The Cast aluminum heatsink will help keep the amplifier cool and prevent it from over-heating when pushing it to its maximum capacity.

The Fosgate R500X1D also have a prevention mode for when your are over-riding to kick the amplifier power of and shut down without blowing you’re amplifier because its overheating. It’s MOSFET power connect and ability allows this car amplifier to do what its made to do best which is to push every power wattage it’s disengaged to do. It’s build with 4 gauge power and ground connectors to help its from blowing and ruining your mono amp.

The Verdict

More than likely if you are installing or buying a subwoofer you are going to need a mono amp simply because your stereo head unit isn’t going to have no power wattage for the subwoofer. Subwoofers take a lot power for them deep bass sounds and your standard cd/dvd player can’t support that much power. They are made to support car speakers.

However, by obtaining an mono amplifier that matches the subwoofer watts can and will power the subwoofer. You want to always check your subwoofer (RMS Wattage) before buying a car amplifier because you don’t want a to buy a subwoofer that isn’t going to be strong enough for your subwoofer.

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