Guide to the Best Bike Speaker System

When you are a devoted bicyclist, there is no reason not to ever enjoy you’re favorite tunes when you take a bike ride. The very best bicycle speakers nowadays can provide you a lot more than just upright music. Some bicycle speakers are hard wired and some are wireless, many are powered by batteries while some are rechargeable, as well as some provide a choice to charge your mobile phone when you cruise on your bike.

The choices, brand names, as well as the functions are numerous. If you’re a little bit confused about finding the best bike speakers to suit your needs, check out our simple guide and you’ll be capable of making a much better determination by the end. We will explain exactly what you should consider, which are the best bicycle speakers on the market at this time as well as provide you with evaluations of our top picks that we recommend.

With that being said, below our team as created a small list of the best speakers for bikes that sound good and are relatively cheap and won’t break the bank.

List of the Top Bicycle Speakers for the Money

ImageNameMore ColorsPriceRating

ECEEN® Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Bicycle Speaker Case with Hands-Free Speakerphone Calls and Rechargeable 4,000mAh Power Bank Charge For iPods, Cell Phones, Android Devices and MP3 Players (Red)

Trendwoo Freeman X6 Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Wireless Speaker with Flashlight Torch Selfie Function / Camera Shutter IP65 Waterproof for Traveling Hiking Climbing Cycling Sport (Blue)

Ivation Bullet Super-Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker, MP3 Player With MicroSD Card & AUX Inputs - 4 Colored Skins & Sports Bike Mount Included

Ivation Boomer Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Stereo Speakers with 2 Bike Mount Options
Ivation Bike Beakon: Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers & MP3 Player w/MicroSD Card Slot, AUX Input, FM Radio & Built in Flashlight - Camo Green

Things to look for when choosing Bike Speakers

Deciding on the best speakers for your bicycle includes looking at particular criteria. Before you decide to jump into considering all there’s on the market, consider the following factors you may want to bear in mind when coming up with your decision:

  • Volume Level & Sound Quality: The locations in which you cycle have a great deal to do with this a part of your choice. How high in volume would you like your speaker system to be? In the event you cycle through loud traffic then you’ll need superior volume level. If you merely ride through peaceful places, then its not necessary too have very loud speakers.
  • Case Size: The case dimensions of your bicycle speaker its pretty significant simply because you need to make certain they’re going to suit your smart phone or iPod. It’s usually ideal to possess a light weight and additional compact case which will suit your device. You don’t have to make use of the case for safe-keeping by any means but it’s smart too.
  • Power Supply Options: Would you like chargeable batteries or disposable ones? This can be a personal preference and in addition they both have apparent advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to buy the standard rechargeable, you need to know to recharge them whilst not riding you’re bike. If you choose to buy the exchangeable, you need to know to continually have a spare pack on the journey.
  • Mounting Choices: You might want to use those using the velcro bands or perhaps for the choice using the flexible mounts. Clearly the Velcro is more affordable however the Velcro may perhaps wear away after some time. Having said that, you are able to move them from a single bicycle to a different easily and quickly. The firm brackets have to be mounted and in addition they remain set. They’re much tougher but can’t be transferred constantly very easily.
  • Settings: This provides you complete power over tune choice, volume level, source of tunes, as well as enables you to take a call hassle free.

Reviews on the Best Bicycle Speakers

1) Ivation BOOMER

The Ivation BOOMER include 2 Bicycle Install choices which makes it a breeze to maneuver it all over for various uses at any time you want. The first is hard-plastic the other is often a silicon strap. When Ivation states portable, they mean it. This could be unstrapped from the bicycle and positioned anyplace you would like along with its small dimension and light-weight case causes it to become effortlessly portable.

When it comes to sound, it arrives with 2 side-firing tweeter speakers to provide you with authentic stereo system sound. You have access to your own music from you’re mobile phones, tablets, Apple Ipods, Laptop computers, Hand-held Gaming Systems, Portable Dvd and blu-ray Players and a whole lot.

The standard rechargeable lithium battery pack includes a total capacity of 1200mAh and provides you with lots of play-back time. The Wireless bluetooth alternative provides you with the option to answer calls quickly and easily.

2) Ivation BIKE BEAKON

Next, the Ivation Bike Beacon is an excellent small addition for your bicycle. It’s got two highly effective little speakers which promise high quality sound. Additionally, it provides you with the flexibleness to enable you to choose your songs from the radio, auxiliary gadget, as well as an SD card.

It features a built-in standard rechargeable battery pack that endures about 3 to 4 working hours of usage after each and every recharge. The merchandise includes auxiliary cables, a strap to hold it on the bicycle or arm as well as a strong bicycle mount. This Ivation speaker even offers a siren along with a built-in flash light.

The designers of this unique bike speaker just like the ones from powered longboards for beaches considered all the things when they manufactured it. It also includes a complete range of settings on the right part of the gadget for safe use when cycling. You are able to change between tracks, ahead or rewind music, temporarily pause, resume and switch input too.

Consumers of the Ivation Bicycle Beakon often have compensated a bit more than the others but they’re taking pleasure in every one of the incredible functions and control choices that come with it.

3) Goal Zero 90401

This unique speaker is ideal for bikes and any other location you might need a speaker that can be used to connect a gadget and obtain high in volume tunes. The battery pack for the Goal Zero speaker recharges in approximately 4 hrs but if you wish to charge it by solar powered energy, it might take considerably longer based on the climate conditions. It features a solid wood sound box which helps provide an array of top quality audio sounds. The dimensions is great and small in size to fit on the bicycle or when hiking.

Purchasers with this product enjoyed it simply because they understood what they’re acquiring and also got value with regards to money. Having said that, as we discussed from the technical specs, it doesn’t have many settings, Wireless bluetooth, and it’s also require to be connected by AUX cord.

4)  Wireless Speaker, Venstar Waterproof Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the top tested trail bluetooth speaker that is made for sports and rugged outdoors sports. If you’re looking for a speaker that you can take hiking, mountain biking, outdoors, or swimming by the poolside that is waterproof, then the Wireless Speaker, Venstar Waterproof Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the one for you.

It has built-in 4.0 bluetooth technology that delivers bass and HD sound quality. On top of that, it also has built-in FM digital radio with auto scan technology. So when you are out working or around the house you can tune in to all favorite music stations and songs with ease. If you don’t like the radio you can easily connect the Venstar Waterproof Sport Portable Speaker to all your electronic devices which are equipped with bluetooth.

The Outdoor Sports Travel Bicycle Cycling speaker has an outer sheller which is made for durability. It’s water-resistant so you can take this speaker to the pool side, ocean, side of the shower and on a jog or run in rain. This versatile speaker is built for the outdoor terrain and can withhold weather condition that the average bluetooth speaker can’t.

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