Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones Review

Bose has been manufacturing the high-quality headphones that have been famous because of their noise-canceling capability. QuietComfort 35 is the best product that you can have. they can be regarded as the first headphones that have been launched by Bose with the facility of noise canceling and wireless connectivity.

They have launched the headphones on the perfect time because most of the smartphone manufacturers are removing the headphone jack. With the ideal design, refined and clear sound these are the most versatile headphones. They will enhance your experience of listening to music.

QuietComfort 35

With some minor trims and the colors difference, the design of QuietComfort 35 is almost similar to the previous models of headphones that have been introduced by Bose. However, the latest features of the products will surely motivate you to invest in it.

The metallic ear cups and the plastic headband will easily fit that you will not hear any sound apart from the music that you are playing. The sound quality of the headphones is perfect because you will come across encompassing and wide soundstages. You will not have to deal will any white noise or hiss when you are listening to the music. It has an automatic equalizer that will keep the sound in the healthy limits for your ears.

The best thing about QuietComfort 35 is that they can also work as a headset for you. This means that you can talk to your friends while enjoying the benefits if noise cancellation. You can even talk or listen to music when you are in the crowded streets. Bose has made sure to provide you with some extra battery life so that you can enjoy your favorite songs even when there are no sockets to charge the headphones.


Some of the amazing features that you will come across are:

  • The noise canceling feature is always active

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • In case that you want a wired connection, it has a 2mm jack

  • It has an attractive battery life of 20 hours

  • QuietComfort 35 is available in gray and black colors

  • It has an aeroplane adaptor that comes with a hard carrying case for protection


  • The amazing noise canceling features will allow you to perfectly listen to every lyric

  • The mic for calls is excellent

  • QuietComfort 35 headphones are comfortable to wear and light weight

  • Long battery life


  • You cannot turn off the ANC

  • aptX is not available

Final verdict

Bose might have taken longer to introduce the wireless headphones but the rivals cannot match the features available in QuietComfort 35. Everything in these headphones is the definition of perfection. So if you are looking forward to buying new headphones QuietComfort 35 will be the ideal choice.

You might consider them expensive but it will save your time and money in the long run. With the amazing sound and comfortable pads, you can even take them on a journey.

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