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Best Free Air Subwoofer Guide and List

When it comes to looking for the best free air subwoofer there’s a few factors you need to look for. In our guide to help you find the one for you will help you along the away and make your choice much easier than just guess which

Best Mono Amplifier For Cars

When its comes having a good sound system for cars having one of the best mono amplifiers is crucial. Every piece in a sound system counts. Doesn’t matter how good your subwoofer or car speakers are, without having a good mono amplifier that supplies them with the

JBL GTO938 Car Speaker Review 2017

The JBL GTO938 Speakers reviewed here are some of JBL finest line of speakers they have came out with for cars or trucks. These speakers deliver nothing but quality sound and some nice bass. JBL is a very trusted audio brand and has built a huge fan

Reviewing the Best 5,000 Watt Amplifiers

Looking for a 5,000 watt amp? I mean, that’s a lot of wattage! However, if so you have came to the right place. We have a few different 5,000 watt amplifiers to choose from and we only review and share the best. If you’re looking to power

Best Kicker Amps in Car Audio 2017

If you know anything about car audio, then you already some of the best amplifiers are the Kicker Amps. Kicker is one of leading car audio brands on the markets that created some of the top car amplifiers, car subwoofers, marine speakers and even car speakers. Kicker

Best 4 Channel Amplifiers – Four Channal Amps

4-channel amplifiers are built to power all four speakers in you’re car. Using a great four channel amplifier enables you to manage each and every channel on the car amp, at the same time manage a bridge connection. To achieve the crispy crystal clear audio playing throughout

Best 6×9 Speakers for the Money

Obtaining the best set of 6×9 speakers in your car can improve the bass sounds and audio without getting a car subwoofer and car amplifier. Therefore we decided to create a web page to help individuals get our best 6” x 9” car audio speakers with all

Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers Guide 2017

Trucker drivers have to maintain their view on the streets in addition to their hand touching the wheel constantly. This will make it challenging to answer or obtain phone calls unless of course you’ve got a great Bluetooth headset. Considering the variety of available choices locating the most

Best 4×6 Speakers for Cars 2017

Improving the car speakers is a terrific way to improve the audio inside your car without having to pay a lot of money. Numerous 4×6 speakers are cost-effective and permit you to bring your car’s audio to a completely new level. Although some cars can come loaded