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Best Mono Amplifier For Cars

When its comes having a good sound system for cars having one of the best mono amplifiers is crucial. Every piece in a sound system counts. Doesn’t matter how good your subwoofer or car speakers are, without having a good mono amplifier that supplies them with the

Reviewing the Best 5,000 Watt Amplifiers

Looking for a 5,000 watt amp? I mean, that’s a lot of wattage! However, if so you have came to the right place. We have a few different 5,000 watt amplifiers to choose from and we only review and share the best. If you’re looking to power

Best Kicker Amps in Car Audio 2017

If you know anything about car audio, then you already some of the best amplifiers are the Kicker Amps. Kicker is one of leading car audio brands on the markets that created some of the top car amplifiers, car subwoofers, marine speakers and even car speakers. Kicker

Best 4 Channel Amplifiers – Four Channal Amps

4-channel amplifiers are built to power all four speakers in you’re car. Using a great four channel amplifier enables you to manage each and every channel on the car amp, at the same time manage a bridge connection. To achieve the crispy crystal clear audio playing throughout

What’s the Best 5 Channel Amplifier?

Looking to upgrade your car audio system with a new 5 channel amp? If so, you’re in the best place you can be right now. We have done all the researching on car audio amplifiers for you, all you have to do is check out our results.

Overview on the Best Car Amplifiers 2017

What does an amplifier do? Well, it’s one of my most crucial pieces to created the best sounding car audio system. It’s what powers you system and making sure you get the right amount of power needed for your subwoofer is a must. So make sure the