Best Competition Subwoofers 2017 List

If you have landed on this page that’s because you are more than likely looking for the best competition subwoofer on the market. There are tons of different subwoofers that are built for competition. However, to have the best you need to know what to look for and also have a decent chunk of money to spend if you want to be able to compete in competitions.

Without more being said check out some of our reviews on best competition subwoofers for 2017. We have hand-picked only the best and combine them all into a list to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Competition Subwoofer Reviews 2017

PictureCompetition SubPriceRating

DS18 HELLION-12.2D Helion 12-Inch SPL Competition 3,500 Watts Max Dual Voice Coil 2 Ohms Subwoofer, Set of 1

Kicker 10cvr12-2 2010 Comp Vr Series 12 Inch 2 Ohm Dual Voice Coil 800 Watt Car Subwoofer

Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch Competition Subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Voice Coils
VM Audio EXW12 Elux 12" Competition Car Power Subwoofer Subs 4800W DVC (Pair)

Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 12" 1500 Watt RMS Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer

American Bass XFL1244 12" Dual 4 Ohm Competition Car Stereo Subwoofer

People all across the globe tend to compete to know who acquire the greatest sound system. Having some the best competition subwoofers with proper set-up, you’ll always stand out in the competition. Car subwoofers are necessary to experience top quality music while you’re going down the road. They are made to handle frequencies of bass which other can’t handle. Clearer music is also provided. Below is a list of our best competition subs on the market.

Comp Sub Brands 2017


One of our best competition subwoofer proven to be a monster and can be too much for some buyers. 100% customer satisfaction is what Orion has brought to each one of users Hands down, it’s the baddest subs ever created across the globe. It’s can neither be called as sub, but rather as “super woofer”. It features 15”power, 2000-4000 watts, dual 2Ohm, 4”Voice call, frequency response of 21-100 Hz, 15.6 inches mounting hole diameter, and 12 inches Mounting Depth. With an immense motor, and high-temp voice coil, this can reach as far as 4” travel. This is the baddest, biggest and most hardcore that is ever made. A frightening performance can be expected, and leads the world competition for subwoofers. Everybody loved its performance, and it’s no joke. Amazingly and ridiculously hit hard, and produces adequate spl which can hurt eardrums just in few minutes. Build quality, crazy loud and deep-rich bass. But then, it needs electrical system upgrades to feed the monster. Sufficient power and proper set-up is required to start the show. This Competition subwoofers will really worth the price. It’s the best out of the best. With all its features and exemplary performance, no wonder this has been the choice of most savvy buyers.

JBL audio

JBL W12GTI MKII 12” subwoofer, is another best competition subwoofer which can handle incredibly 4,000 watts ultimate power and uses high-tech and latest materials. Featuring a 12” Dual 6 Ohm GTI Competition Level subwoofer, 700 RMS Watts, frequency response of 18-1000 Hz, and sensitivity of 91 dB, this will surely bring great sound to your area. This guarantees 100% satisfaction to each customer. This produces deep and clean bass that smashes without providing any annoying distortion. This truly defines the word “clean”, “nice”, and deep bass which most bass have promised. Power handling, Bass extension, and articulation performance excel with this best subwoofer. This version signifies the best bunch balance, with enough cone area for driving the air mass to attain good SPL and bass extension and is lightweight enough to quickly respond to transient signals. The design of bass reflex was carefully selected combined with bass tube construction that yields transient response and great bass extension. JBL bass performance will surely put a big curve on the  face of even the most demanding and high-standards audiophiles out there. Your audio needs and expectation will be met through proper amplification set-up. It can even serve you for numerous years to come.

RE Audio

Another beast that will beat the competition subwoofers, RE audio Xxx18d2 18”, 2,000 Watt Rms Rated (4000 peak) weight 110 pounds and performs great. It’s heavy, not a one man project and is also one of our best competition subwoofers out there and surely will worth the price. This is a sound quality sub which probably one of the cleanest sounding subwoofers you can ever heard. Due to its size and weight, it’s quite hard to carry it. But its difference with 12’s and 10’s is pretty obvious. The bass deepness truly provides awe to every audiophile. Its great but the cost oftentimes increases due to those extra batteries, high-output alternators which normal individual might not want to consider. Power comes great responsibility, same goes with this subwoofers. Space, tons of it and budget, however, is a great consideration. Supporting structures are needed to install this big stuff on your car, but all those effort and money worth it. Best sound quality, super hard hitting, this goes along with all those great working subs. However, correct enclosure is a must to get the most of what it can offer. Just imagine an all year round spectacular sub that goes with you for numerous time wherever you go.


The hardest the hitting, the better the performance, the harder you will hit the competition. But still the greatest compeition subwoofer will determine your means. Your preferences, the kind of music, the loudness and the comfort it brings will define what the greatest is for you. A lot of consideration is still involve in the process, it’s not bad to acquire only the best but make sure you have the ability to respond to what is needed in making it perform at its best. Sufficient power and proper set-up is required to make it the best. Finding the right wires, amplifier, subwoofer box is a vital thing, specifically the wire connecting the whole system together. Remember that lots of factor contributes in acquiring the hardest and toughest hitting bass. The space you’re going to give to the heart beating, spot welding bursting sound that your subwoofer will deliver. Your mini van’s small hole will not be enough, so before purchasing one, think first of the place you intend to put it. Enclosure and cone size requires are two essential factors crucial in deciding of what subwoofer will fit your system. Sound quality, compatibility and spec/performance must be assessed, the best competition subwoofer brands and products will guarantee you with only its best.

More Reviews on Competition Subs 2017

Kicker 10C124 Comp 12-Inch Subwoofer 4 SVC

The Kicker 10C124 is Kickers ultimate competition subwoofer for the money. It’s a 12 inch subwoofer that delivers the best bass for the dollar. The Kicker 10C124 is by fast the best value subwoofer for under $100 and won’t find another in the same class for the same price that produces some of the best bass notes.

This particular kicker subwoofer is built with strong steel baskets that include coil-cooling perimeter venting. Also has high-temp coil wiring to prevent over-heating and keep the subwoofer cool to perform at the best it can perform. It’s injection-molded cone with 360 degree back bracing and vented pole is really what give the performance that a competition subwoofer needs.

With that being said, if you’re looking for the hardest hitting subwoofer for under 100 dollars then this would be the right subwoofer for competition.  It’s highly recommended to equip two of these subwoofers and also have a strong enough kicker amp to power them.

DS18 HELLION-12.4D Review

Regardless of currently being a beginner towards the car audio and video industry, th Hellion DS18 continues to be known among the best car subwoofers which produces high quality competition subwoofers. On top of that, the DS18 provides an array of automobile audio products such as full-ranged and component car speakers, excessive SPL competition subwoofers, car tweeters, car amplified subs and so much more. Substandard quality is under no circumstances something to become involving the DS18 woofer.

DS18 HELLION woofers are among the very best competition car subwoofers on the market. You can choose from 12 inches and 15 inches, and are also rated for 2,000 or 2,500 RMS watt power. They can also be purchased in both 2-Ohms or even 4-Ohms dual voice coils options. These subs are made from the ground-up to deal with a remarkable level of electrical power.

The Verdict

The top competition subwoofer will provide distortion-free and clean bass notes which will amp up music as well as provide smoothest beats that you will enjoy.  Obtaining a brand of best competition subwoofers such as Orion, JBL Audio, RE audio and other luxurious brands, you can be the best in the competition. These are the greatest on the market and toughest hitting subwoofers your money can ever purchase. They are also the most popular and reliable brand that proves its value and quality to customers. To better help you decide on what subwoofers to purchase with your allotted money and their ability to return the worth of money you spend, the following are some reviews given to the best subwoofers offered in the market.

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