DJ Mixing Board Reviews & Ratings 2017

Most people will say that the DJ mixing board is the heart of your setup. Which is pretty accurate and most DJ’s would agree with this. So when it comes to choosing the best DJ mix board is crucial you know what you’re doing and looking for. If you’re a DJ I’m sure you already know what a mixer does and have a good idea what to look for. If you don’t know what it is or does, then I don’t think you should be looking to buy one yet. However, we made a guide and share some reviews on the top-rated and best-selling mixing boards for DJ.

Below you can find a list of our top recommended DJ mixers for the money. These are some of the best mixers and can be very costly.

Top DJ Mixing Boards of 2017

PictureMixing BoardChannelsPriceRating
Allen & Heath XONE:23 2-Plus-2 Channel DJ Mixer4Under $3004.8
Pioneer DJ DJM-350 2-Channel DJ Performance Mixer2Under $4004.4
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer4Under $6004.3
Numark M6 USB | Professional Four-Channel USB DJ Mixer with 3-band EQ & LED Metering per Channel4Under $1504.3

Things to consider when choosing a DJ Mixer

It’s hard to pick the perfect one for you exactly. However, here at Audio Speaker World we give you a handful of some of the best one to choose from since each person is looking for something different and budget can vary from person to person.

Mixer Type: Are you looking for just a mixing board? Or are you looking for a combination of a mixer board and a DJ controller? This something you need and want to know before choosing which one you’re looking to buy. Most of the newer mixers come with USB input, MIDI, and other numerous DJ controller options. By checking the features and options the mixer has to offer can give you a better idea of what your getting and what it’s actually capable of doing and handling.

Budget: This is very important because these can become very expensive very quick. You can find them from anywhere from $50 to $1000’s of dollars. However, that doesn’t mean if you buy a $800 DJ mixing board that you have the best one on the market. Most of the time when it comes to these, it’s the more you pay the features and options you are going to have the ability to use. Look at the feature and options before choosing. If you don’t plan on using some feature or options then there is no need to spend the extra money on something you have no intentions of using ever.

Channels: The most common come included with two channels. This means you can control two different sources of music and combine them together and play two songs at once. This is the most popular and recommended by most DJ. However, there are tons of mixers out there that a lot more channels and goes up to 16 channels. You can also find them that are compatible with a microphone if you want. However, the more channels that is going to have the more money you’re going to be spending. So pick an amount of channels that is realistic for you so you don’t have to waste money on something you’re never going to use.

Features: There are other types of features you can get besides your common features such as; volume controller, crossfader, input for headphones, and so on. If you’re looking to add some other special features like MIDI connections or USB inputs or outputs then you need to check to see if the mixing board has them.

DJ Mixing Board Reviews

Below we review the mix boards more in-depth and share some of the main features and specs to make it easier for you choose which one is right for your needs.

Pioneer DJ DJM-350 2-Channel DJ Performance Mixer

Pioneer DJ DJM-350 ReviewThe Pioneer DJ DJM-350 Mixer is a 2 channel mixer, but don’t judge it because of that. The power on this bad boy is insane and you will love the overall performance that it delivers. On top of that, Pioneer some of the top of the line DJ equipment and is known for it’s quality and performance. The Pioneer DJ DJM-350 allows you to record to USB devices which is a great feature to have if your big into DJing. This DJ mix board allow you enhance you’re mixing with four different types of effects. It’s also has an isolated three-band equalizer for sound adjustments, digital conversion for much higher fidelity sound if needed or want. Lastly, it also includes selectable AUX/MIC channel.

All in all, the Pioneer DJ DJM-350 is on of the top mixing boards for under $400 dollars. It has great reviews, performance and quality for the price. If you are pretty serious about DJing and want a great DJ mixer then this could be the one for you.

Allen & Heath XONE:23 2-Plus-2 Channel DJ Mixer

The Allen & Heath XONE:23 Mixer is one of our most budget-friendly mixer while still delivers great performance, quality and features. This mixer is a 2+2 channel mixing board that you would find in a DJ booth at your top clubs. The Allen & Heath XONE:23 also includes VCF filter system which offers low and high pass filters along with frequency and resonance controls built-in. On top of that it also features a 3-band true total kill EQ which is beyond amazing. It has one 1/8-inch as well as a ¼-inch connectors enable cueing for a wide range of different DJ headphones.

In conclusion, the Allen & Heath XONE:23 mixing board is on of the top-rated boards for under $300 and offers tons of great features and options. If you’re looking for a mixer board that offers a lot without spending a bunch of money then this would be one I would recommend checking out.

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