ICE Orb Bluetooth Floating Speaker Review

The all new Ice Orb floating bluetooth speaker is just an all-around amazing and the coolest speaker we have reviewed yet. This floating speaker is one of the coolest audio speaker concepts I’ve seen in a long time some high quality sound. If you’re looking for a bluetooth speaker that sounds good and looks awesome then the levitating orb speakers is something you need to check it out!

This floating speakers spins above it’s magnetic base to ensure everyone in the room gets that quality music sound. It has a very sleek design with a glossy looking white touch with a blue light finish around the floating ball speaker. On top of that the special coned design which is was built for includes increased 3D sound effects unlike most other bluetooth speakers you would find for the same price.

Another great feature people rave about on the Ice Orb Portable speaker is that once it is connected to a power source now only can you jam music, you can also charge your smartphone and tablets from it as well. Now that’s a cool feature that many people find very useful because no one like a dead phone or tablet that there streaming music from.

The Orbs base is about 25mm around in circumference which is the perfect size for floating the your speaker orb in the air. Also you can find one built-in USB plug which allows you charge any devices with a USB charging port when the base is connected to a power source or outlet.

If you’re looking for a cool bluetooth speaker that’s floating in thin air then you will want the Ice Orb speaker. It’s not only one of the amazing looking speakers it also have some of very high end sound quality while floating above it’s base. It also has NFC bluetooth built-in so it allows people to connect any type of wireless bluetooth gadgets to it such as; all smartphones, tablets, and other bluetooth ready devices.

All in all, the Ice Orb levitating speakers which is bluetooth and portable is an all-around speaker when is comes to sound quality, designed, durable and lastly cool looking. This speaker is not just all about looks and has some awesome features along with some superb music quality as the ball spins hovering over the base.

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Ice Orb Floating Speaker Review

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