How to Choose Your Favorite Bookshelf Speaker

There are multiple choices for customers to choose speakers for home theater system or for the pure joy of listening to pleasing stereo music. When it comes to a bookshelf speaker, it is great device for listening to your favorite music and enjoying home theater entertainment. It is a surprise that pairs of bookshelf speakers have the ability to offer flexibility and sound quality which otherwise is unavailable. If you have an experience of using bookshelf speaker, you will find they are the most versatile option without doubt.

To enjoy your home theater or stereo listening, pairs of excellent bookshelf speaker seems indispensable. Most the bookshelf speakers we reviewed are economically priced and provide abundant useful features. You are able to obtain ideal full-range sound with the help of small size bookshelf speakers for they are ideal to pair with a subwoofer. As a perfect component of a home theater, bookshelf speakers can work with floor standing speakers and center speakers to create the effect well as home cinema speakers.

What to Look for Bookshelf Speakers:

It shouldn’t be a difficult chore to choose the optimal bookshelf speaker. Each of the best bookshelf speakers we reviewed in this article has its own relative merits. Next are the criteria we used to rate bookshelf speakers. You can take them as a reference and choose the best one according to your personal preference.

  • Features 

Most of bookshelf speaker are magnetically shielded for they are often used in home theater setups, and they won’t interfere with the video image if placed near a CRT television. However, this isn’t an issue for flat-screen TVs. Another feature we consider is the input wattage. Most of them use recommended minimum and maximum input levels, while the other specify the average and peak wattage that can be handled. If you want to choose speakers, it is significant that your amplifier or receiver provide power within the ranges should be noted by the manufactures.

  • Performance

In the section, we looked at to the quantitative solutions of the bookshelf speakers that go into making great sound. As an ideal speaker, it should has the ability to reproduce the whole range of human hearing which is generally accepted to range from an extremely low 20 Hertz (Hz), or cycles per second clear up to 20,000Hz, more frequently written as 20kHz. In fact, there is not any speaker could create the entire range, so we evaluated those that come closest. Moreover, ultrasonic overtones can be reproduced by some speakers in our reviews.


  • Drivers

Contained within a speaker enclosure, drivers are the individual sound transducers. Single low-frequency drivers are widely used in most bookshelf speakers to reproduce bass and mid-range tones and a tweeter, or high-frequency driver, for the upper ranges. Generally, large driver could produce lower bass for some reasons like it has the ability to bring more air at greater pressure, different driver material and construction, etc.

  • Enclosure Features

When it comes to the enclosure, it is a box that holds the entire speaker assembly together. Typically, the cabinetry is made of medium density fiberboard, MDF, and is finished with either wood-grain or gloss vinyl. The enclosure does a great job to the sound, especially to the quantity and quality of bass that is produced. Rearward movement of the low-frequency driver is used by bass-reflex speakers to get additional bass, and it works routed outward sound pressure. If you want to produce more bass, this configuration could result in muddier sound. Usually, a sealed enclosure is used to get alternative design and acoustic suspension. Generally, if there is less bass response, there will be more precise.

  • Help & Support

Although bookshelf speakers normally don’t demand much customer support, there is always some time that it is needed like other consumer products. We make note of various support measures and product warranties provided by the manufacturer.

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