How To Properly Install A Car Audio Amp

How you install an amp depends on your car’s design. Before that, you will need the best amp wiring kit for car. An amp kit is normally overlooked by car owners but it is very fundamental. All the car audio supplies are brought together, signaled, and powered by the wiring system.


  • Grounding wire

  • Screws

  • Retaining clips

  • Remote turn-on lead

  • Speaker wires

  • RCA patch cables

Everything needs to be ready before the installation process begins and a car wiring shop provides all of the above.

The amp location

Some of the best places to mount a car amp include

  • In the trunk

This is a safe place away from commotions. There is also sufficient space to facilitate cooling, something that the amp requires. The hatch area is where the rear speakers are located and a lot of cargos are put here. So, luggage space will have to be compromised. Also, longer cables and patch cords are needed.

  • On firewall

This location is in the passenger’s space. The advantage of mounting an amp here is that short wires will be needed as well as a few patch cords. The passengers’ seats do not need to be taken off. However, only small amps can be accommodated on firewall and noises are common here.

  • Below the seats

Mounting amps below the seats prevents common problems associated with noises and sound deterioration because they will be placed close to the receiver and front speaker. This location doesn’t demand long cables and signal wires, making the installation easier. Also, cargo space is not compromised. Nevertheless, seats will have to be moved during mounting and this might interfere with the car’s SRS system. In addition, bigger amplifiers do not fit especially in smaller cars. To avoid water contact, the car amp will need a platform to elevate it.