Reviewed: DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker

Looking for a decent portable speaker under $50? There’s a lot on the market now, but you can’t say they’re all worth the price. Lucky for people on a budget DOSS gives us a Bluetooth speaker that’s more than just decent, but true bang for the buck.

This DOSS device may not yet be in the league of Bose, JBL or Marshall but it’s not priced in that league either. It’s definitely a top-rated speaker that is affordable by most people, so we’ve looked at what this wireless speaker has to offer us.

A classy design

Touch Design, full-bodied speaker, and a sleek design that stands-out on the shelf just by looking classy. The top has a matte finish and its aluminum grill surrounds the body tightly. The aluminum grill is sturdy and doesn’t flex when pressed.

The touch controls work with just the right level of sensitivity. When turned on, it lights up a bright white unlike other cheap-looking LED indicators.

Durable build and material

When we look at other Bluetooth speakers in this price range, a lot of them feel hollow and brittle. But this model feels solid and full but not too heavy to carry around.

Sensible simple touch controls

Touch controls are simple and allow you to navigate back and forth tracks instead of just pause and play. It has a mode selector allowing switching between sources: Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm audio cord or its MicroSD card slot. The circle touch control is for volume and you can control it by simply rotating your finger.

Long play hours

This unit gives you 12 hours of continuous playtime at 50% volume, though some customers have been able to use it for 14hours continuously.

Wide Bluetooth range and easy connectivity

The unit easily connects to any Bluetooth enabled device as it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 tech. It also automatically connects to the most recent device used with it.

Depending on your connecting unit as well, the signal is kept full and clear for about 35ft to 40ft even through a couple of walls.

Great sound quality

This SoundBox is powered by 12Watt speakers and has very good bass without distorting or cracking sound even when the volume is on max. A lot of customers have noted that the sound quality of the product is at par (if not better) than speakers that are twice its price. The mid-range is also crisp and clear, and it pronounces well on the snares and hi-hats or high notes. Sound separation and staging aren’t too pronounced yet with this speaker, but for the price, you’re paying it already over-delivers.

To sum it all up, the product surprises in quality considering its price. You get the classy design, touch controls, durable material, outstanding sound quality and long play hours for its price; this model definitely doesn’t disappoint. Considering that you get all those great features and quality in a compact speaker under $50, the DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker is definitely bang for the buck.

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