Guide to the Best Sounding Car Speaker 2017

Welcome to Audio Speaker World. Here you can find the top rated reviews on the best car speakers to buy for 2017 and not have to worry about wasting your time or money.  Here, we make shopping for car speakers easier than ever because we have done all the research already for you so you don’t have to worry about if they are good or bad. So if you’re looking to upgrade your sound system and improve the sound quality I would suggest sticking around and checking out some of our top rated speaker’s money can buy. Without further due, below is a list of the best speakers on the market to buy.

Also, we have based our reviews on Amazon customers who left a review. We just research the best one’s with the highest rating and created a list to make it easier to find the best car speakers to complete your car audio system. Enjoy the list and don’t get to overwhelmed by all the choices. These are all great car speakers and you can’t go wrong by choosing any of these speakers.

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The Buyers Guide to the Best Car Speakers 2017





JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)
Infinity Reference 6500CX 6-1/2" (165mm) two-way car audio component loudspeaker system
Alpine SPR-60C 6.5" Car Audio Component System (Pair)$$$$$4.6
Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver)

Kicker 40CS654 6.5 inch 2-Way Speakers

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker - Set of 2

Top Car Speaker Brands 2017

When it comes to quality and sound having the best brand of car speakers is a must in the audio world. Just like any other product on the market, having a good brand vs a bad brand can and will make a difference in sound quality, performance and whether they are going to last a month or years.  Below we have a made a list of our top recommendation when it comes to choosing the brand of car speakers you should consider buying.


When it comes to car audio speakers JBL manufactures one of the highest quality car speakers on that market. Being in the industry for over 60 and still, one of the top selling speaker brands tells you a lot about their performance and quality. Whether you are looking for home speakers, outdoor speakers or even better yet, car speakers you can never go wrong with JBL.


MTX is one of the most expensive speaker brands and has some of best sound quality when it comes to music. However, the greatest sound quality always comes with an expensive price tag but if money is not a problem then we would highly suggest going with MTX. They do make some great 6.5 inch speakers and 6×9 speakers but they are more known for their car subwoofers and amplifiers. All in all, when choosing the MTX brand you can never go wrong and won’t regret purchasing this particular brand.


Kicker is an all-around audio company that manufactures home, marine, car audio and much more audio products. They are very well known for their loudspeakers that are crystals clear sound at a very loud volume. If you ever hear them cars driving by a block or two away and hear the vocals of the music and not the bass, more than likely they have the kicker loudspeakers which have phenomenal sound quality and performance. Kicker has some of the best car speakers you can buy for the money. (See best kicker amps here)


If you’re looking to improve your driving experience with the best car speakers, head units, GPS navigation system, car subwoofers, or even amplifiers, Pioneer is always a good choice. They offer some top performing car audio and video products on the market. Pioneer has been around since 1938 and been leading in the industry in audio and video product ever since and still till this day.


Founded in 1968, Infinity is an American manufacturer of some of the top car loudspeakers. Not only do they make car audio speaker they also specialize in home audio and marine audio. You can also find their speakers in a lot of the most popular cars as stock speakers because of the quality and performance they can produce. All in all, they are great speakers and affordable for just about anyone.

Coaxial versus Components Speakers

6x9 car speakerHeadphones are awesome …the surround sound comes alive, literally up close and personal. When you drive however you do not want hindrance when you move your head especially when you’re checking out those blind spots. You want quality and distinctive sound that does justice to your favorite tune. Consequently, worthy speakers are a must and you must take the utmost care to wisely choose those essential tools that bring life to your car. So what will it be Coaxial Speakers or Components Speakers? While Coaxial Speakers are full range speakers, Components are sound specific speakers.

Sound can be broken up into different groupings because our hearing spans at about 20-20,000 Hz in range so it stands to reason that speakers are designed with that in mind. Frequencies are pitted and wanted to create clarity by the tweeters. The lowest range falls under the term bass and supplied by the woofers. The mid-range would be the equalizer or the treble that brings the beat together.

Component Speakers

The Components Speakers usually come in a set or separate and are made up of a number of ‘components’. These are broken down into different sound requirements that together will give you your desired car audio sound. There are your tweeters that are designed for clarity enhancement that covers high frequencies (between 2,000-20,000 Hz) and the Mid-range speaker that cover middle notes that meet (frequency 300-5,000 Hz).

The woofers call out those deep bass notes (range frequency of 40-1,000 Hz) and the super tweeters are specialized in detecting the underlying frequencies that are missed by its ordinary sister tweeter. To round off the Components Speaker set is the subwoofers that add extra oomph to their brother woofers by assisting in defining the quality of the bass notes.

Coaxial Speakers

The Coaxial Speakers are full range speakers that condense the component speaker functions into coincident axes. This design is budget friendly and a great space saver. There is more than one driver in these speakers to make allowances and concessions to a fuller range of frequencies. A common coaxial speaker make-up is the woofer with a tweeter built above however, there is the 3-way design coaxial structure that has a woofer, mid-range, and tweeter. These Coaxial Speakers have been around since the 1970s, maybe old fashioned but they are reliable.

So what will it be? Pitted against each other, Coaxial versus Components Speakers, who wins? Well, the answer is simple. It depends on your need, the size of your car and how much you are willing to spend. Components speakers offer excellent sound quality though Coaxial is more affordable and installation friendly. The Components speakers can be customized for your individual preference or sound pleasure nevertheless coaxial offers a good compromise without breaking the bank.

When you drive, having the right soundtrack is like the Holy Grail and that song resonates that much sweeter when it has good bass. So it really is “All about the Bass”…and the size of your wallet.

How to install door speaker video tutorial

Reviews on the Best Car Speakers 2017

Below we have listed some of our staff’s top picks and give you a little more in-depth review on each one of these speakers. So take your time and check these speakers out. You won’t be disappointed.

JBL GTO938 Speaker Review

  • Channels: 3‑way
  • Size: 6″ x 9″
  • RMS power rating: 100 watts RMS
  • Sensitivity: 94 decibel

 The JBL GTO 938 speakers for cars are some of the best that JBL has to offer. The JBL938 6 x 9-Inch loudspeakers is one of the best sounding car speakers on the market today. This 3-way car loudspeaker is the cone, subwoofer, and tweeter. Having all three of these combined into one speaker is what makes the true sound quality with its high pitches, deep bass, and crystal clear vocals.

These particular speakers max peak power at 300 Watts, which is pretty high for a car door speaker. It’s a true 4 Ohm speaker which ensures you are getting maximum power from your car audio system. Lastly, they are very easy and simple to replace your old stock car speaker with these new ones.

All in all, for under $70 you won’t find a much better-performing door speaker for the price.  It got an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 based on previous Amazon customers. And for you who don’t know Amazon, That’s a pretty high rating compared to all the other speakers on there.

Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Speakers

If you’re looking to improve your overall audio experience, theirs no better way than choosing the Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5 inch car speakers. The extreme output of quality and performance are just overall amazing for the price of these speakers.

Some Features: 

  • The woofer Cone: The woofer cone was designed to have more surface area than the competition. This allows you to receive more bass power at a higher efficiency.
  • Dome tweeters: These top of the line cones were designed to increase the output while at the same reduce distortion which develops a more crystal clear sound to the music.
  • Tweet level adjusting: The Infinity Reference 6032cf built-in tweeter level adjustment so you can change the dB to enhance the quality as you would prefer. The recommended dB adjustment for these particular speakers is + 3dB.

All in all, the Infinity Reference 6032cf are some of the top-rated car speakers for under $50. The reviews are excellent and are some of best on the market for the price.

JBL GTO938 6×9 Loudspeaker

JBL is one of the top leading car audio manufacturers in the world. And one of their top-selling car speakers is the GTO938 speakers. You can choose the back door speakers that are the 6×9 inch speakers or you can choose the front door speakers that are 6.5 inches. Or just get all four new speakers to complete the ultimate sound system.


This loudspeaker is one of it’s kind and is the best in its car speaker class. Between the pair of these two speakers, they have an amazing peak power of 600 watts. These powerful speakers take the sound of music to a whole new level.

While the RMS wattage for these speakers is 200 watts per pair. The RMS wattage means how much power these speakers recommend to run consistently at. Having the front and back door speakers of this model may require having a low-powered external amplifier to give them the boost they need. However, that also depends on the wattage output on your car stereo head unit.


  • True 4-Ohm which is made to create the most power from out of your system.
  • Built-in Woofer cone to not only produce low bass but high frequencies too.
  • The 3-Way technology delivers a high sound quality than a not 3-way speaker would.
  • Easy and quick to install. (got to love that part!)

All in all. for the price of the JBL GTO938, it’s the best car speaker, you won’t find another better sounding for the price. The JBL manufacture thrives on building the top of the line and best sounding car audio products and is why they’re the best at what they do.

Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers

These Polk DB691 speakers are some of the top selling and best rated speakers on the market. If you’re looking for quality car speakers, Polk Audio speakers are the way to go. Let’s check out below some of the spec and perks about them.


3-Way Speaker: These are a 3-way speaker which means they will put out a cleaner and crystal sound. If you the type of person who prefers quality over quantity then these are the perfect speakers for you.

Power: The Polk DB691 6×9 speaker has an RMS wattage of 100 watts. This meaning that the speaker requires 100 watts consistently to get maximum performance. This speaker has a max peak power of 300 watts so when its need to the extra boost it can handle it. For these speakers, it’s highly suggested that you buy a small 4 channel amplifier if you plan on replacing all 4 car door speakers. You can want to have enough wattage or it defeats the purpose of getting new speakers.

Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the particular speaker is 93 dB. Which means this 3-way loudspeaker will need less power with the same sound quality.

Manufacturer Warranty: One-year manufacturer warranty is included.

All in all, these speakers are the all-around in performance, quality, and budget. It’s hard to find a great 6×9 car speaker at this price no matter where you go. From reading reviews online forums and customer reviews I was shocked by all the good reviews. Also, it currently has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 voted by previous customers on Amazon. Hope you enjoyed our best car speaker reviews and found what you’re looking for.

Polk Audio DB6501 Component System

Another manufacturer to think about when you are searching for the greatest car door speakers would be Polk Audio, especially their DB-series. We have previously evaluated a handful of Polk audio speakers, also it’s worth repeating. They truly overcome the skill of offering the best speakers with high sound quality.

Naturally, the Polk DB6501 speaker is actually a two-way component system offering 6-1/2 Inch woofers produced from a mix of polymer/mica and sturdy rubberized surrounds for very long lasting and trustworthiness. The 1-Inch Liquid-cooled tweeter speaker with is produced from a silk filled duvet and polymer. Also, this speaker relies on Neodymium magnets to provide correct high-frequency duplication, leading to well-defined, in-depth highs.The tweeters could be both surface and/or flush-mounted using the provided swivel-mount-cups included. Also for highly effective sound-imaging, mount them to allow them to send out towards the place you are always sitting.Polk DB series are also marine qualified, this means the types of materials they are constructed with are resilient so that you can appreciate your tunes without having to worry about them dying out or blowing. These Polk car speakers come in 2-way or 3-way options and come in all of the popular speakers. Also, these speakers are conveniently obtainable both in coaxial or component configurations based on your preference.

All in all, these are one of our top-reviewed and best car speakers that don’t cost a fortune but still sound amazing. It will be hard to find another car audio speaker system that can match the performance of these speakers for the same price.

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