Introducing the Best Car Subwoofer 2017

So what is the best car subwoofer? Well, to be honest, there isn’t a “best” subwoofer. It’s all based on factors and preferences when it comes to the top subwoofer that’s right for you. Adding a new subwoofer or upgrading you’re previous one is the biggest upgrade you can make to your car audio sound system. If your looking for more ways to improve your car audio system then adding subwoofer is the right way to go.

Depending on how much bass you want is a must when choosing a new car subwoofer. There are a few different sizes to choose from like, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and even 15 inch subwoofers. Remember, when choosing knowing how much bass you want and how much space you have to work with will save you a headache. Lastly, if your looking for extreme bass I would recommended getting dual car subwoofers or a big single one that has a lot of watts.

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Our # 1 Pick Best Car Subwoofer Review 2017

MTX Terminator Series TNE212D Review

The MTX Terminator Series TNE212D subwoofer is extreme powerful and blows most of the other competitors right out of the water. It’s the perfect starter kit subwoofer on the market and the greatest perk of them all is the price. Costing roughly around $150, you won’t find another subwoofer that produces low level, hard hitting bass like this MTX 12 inch subwoofer. We can go on and on about the positive features and what people have said about this subwoofer. However, we are not going to see here and bore you over that. Let’s see what this bad boy is all about and hear why we this is the subwoofer for you.Top Car Subwoofer 2016

Quick Specs:

  • Subwoofer Size: Dual 12 inch
  • Box Type: Vented
  • Box Dimension: 14 x 29 x 13 inches
  • RMS Power: 400 watts
  • Peak Power: 600 watts
  • Max Power: 1200 watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 2 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 37 Hz – 150 Hz

While doing some research on the MTX Terminator Series TNE212D I found out that a lot of people are suggesting using the MTX THUNDER500.1 Amplifier setup. MTX Audio suggest this particular amplifier for these subwoofers for a reason. You always want to match your subwoofer and car amplifier accordingly to get the top performance from both the subwoofer and amplifier. This amplifier can put out a constant 500 watt RMS which is the perfect amount of watts for these dual subwoofers.

All in all, for the price of these, you won’t find another that can out-perform them. Most subwoofer you have to buy the box separately and ends up costing even more. With this special combo package your saving yourself not only money, but also time installing the woofer into the box. Trust me, I know this can be a pain in the butt process because it has to be sealed perfecting for amazing quality bass.

Types of Car Subwoofers

Like I mentioned previously, car woofers come in all different sizes, shapes and types. We are not going to sit here and argue about which is better because we are all different and each of us have a different preference. I know I have a preferences on subwoofer brands and size and I’m sure most of you car audio junkies have an audio brand preference as well. Anyways, lets get to the point and check out some of the different type of car woofers.

Powered Car Subwoofer

Powered subwoofers are great for people who not looking to take up to much space or spend a lot of money. The first thing you should know about powered subwoofers is that have built-in amplifiers to power the woofer. There’s no need to go out and buy a car amplifier with this type of sub. It also makes installing much easy and not as complex as adding an external amplifier.

Then only down side to a powered sub is they are not the subwoofer that’s going to give you extreme bass that rattles house windows. They are typically around 100 watt to 300 watts RMS. They built-in amplifiers are quite as powerful because they are mainly for people who want little bass and save room.

If you’re looking to save room I would suggest an under seat subwoofer that’s has an internal amplifier. One great thing about these is the location that it’s being place in. Why I say this, is because it’s enclosed and give the bass a chance to bounce and make it sound even better.

Enclosed Subwoofers

These subwoofers are just like as they sound “enclosed” which are already in a box for you. However, sometimes they come with an amplifier or sometimes they don’t. If you search around on Amazon you can find package deals the include everything you will need. These package deals include; subwoofer, enclosed box, speaker wire, amplifier, amplifier wires and everything else that you will need to hook up your new car audio bass package.

When picking an enclosed one, make sure you check the dimensions to find out whether it’s going to fit in your car truck or where ever you plan on putting it. You don’t want to go big and end up receiving the product and it doesn’t fit. This can easily be avoided by take the time to check the woofer box dimensions and measuring the location of your car where the car sub is going.

Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Shallow mount subwoofers were designed to be compact, while still putting out some extreme bass. The woofer-driver is much more narrow than your average subwoofer and is very similar to a powered subwoofer. However, shallow mount subwoofers do not have any built-in car amplifiers and need to be purchased separately, unless you already have a per-existing amplifier. Shallow mounts woofers in all sizes, which the following are; 8”, 10” 12” and even 15”.

More Car Subwoofer Reviews 2017

Below we review some more great car subwoofers we recommend checking out. Some of these subwoofers already include a box enclosure and some of the are just the subwoofer driver only.

JBL GT-BassPro12 Powered Subwoofer

The JBL GT-BassPro12 Powered Subwoofer is one of JBL top powered car subwoofer for the money. It has a build in 150-watt amplifier and delivers a high output and low bass to you’re car audio sound system without spending to much money. If you’re looking to add bass to your audio system and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars then buying the JBL GT-BassPro12 Powered Subwoofer is the way to go.

It has a slipstream port that provides excellent bass sound without distortion even when it’s performs at it’s highest output levels. It also has a built-in remote level control to easily control the power of the bass. You can adjust these setting to the environment of your car to make it sound the best by tweaking the levels. This feature is great for the person who want the desired sound from their subwoofer.

All in all, this is the best car subwoofer under $150 that produces great low bass and does not required and car amplifier to power. It’s a powered subwoofer with a build-in amp that is perfectly setup already for you.


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