Best Bluetooth Car Stereo List 2017

It’s 2017, it’s time upgrade you’re head unit to the newest and best bluetooth car stereo receiver. When it comes to choosing a new car stereo, it can be a difficult process because all the different features they have to offer. We are going to share information and tips on how to pick the right head unit for you.

Things you should consider:

Din Size: before making a purchase know the difference between a single din stereo unit and a double din stereo unit. Some cars only have for a single din head unit and often times people buy one that won’t fit.

Features: By selecting the car stereo that you’re interested in, it will take you to Amazon where you can see all the features each on has to offer more in-depth. Make sure it has the features you’re looking for, such as GPS. Not all stereo unit come with GPS. However, you can buy them with GPS. Some other features to look out for; Touchscreen, Bluetooth, Music Apps, DVD Player, MP3 Player, and many more.

Screen Size: If you’re looking for a big double din car stereo unit with a touchscreen then the screen size should be taken into consideration.

Budget: These can vary prices from $100-$700 dollars depending on features, brand, screen size and other factors. Don’t buy something with features that are going to increase the price and you’re never going to use.

List of the Best Car Stereos with Bluetooth 2017

PictureCar StereoDin SizePriceRating

Double Din$$$$4.4

Pioneer DEH-X6800BT Single DIN Bluetooth In-Dash CD/AM/FM Receiver
Single Din$$$4.7

Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver
Double Din$$$4.4

Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2" Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM-Ready
Double Din$$$$4.2

Single Din$$$$$4.3

JVC KDR660 Single Din Car Stereo with AM/FM/CD/MP3/iPod/USB/Pandora and Remote
Single Din$$4.7

Advantages of having a Bluetooth Car Stereo

So why would someone want to upgrade to a new touchscreen car stereo with bluetooth? Well, there are ton’s of reasons why someone would want to upgrade and get more features they currently don’t have. Below are some great example to have one.

Big Display: Having a big display that’s touchscreen is always nice to have. Not only does it make control fast and easier, it much safer while driving. Having a nice big LCD display is perfect for them long trips if you have kids or to even entertain yourself along the way. Bigger the screen size the more you’re going to appreciate it, no one wants to be squinting their eyes during a two hour movie. It’s worth that extra few bucks to get at least a 7-Inch display screen.

Built-in Bluetooth: Come on guys, it’s 2017 and everyone has to have Bluetooth in their car. With all these new laws on talking on the phone while driving, Bluetooth is a must to avoid getting tickets. Tickets should be least you should be worried about, having Bluetooth can avoid car accidents and help dramatically to keep you safer. Having this you will no longer to stop driving and pull over to answer the cell phone, you can easily push one button, connect and talk. It’s never been easier to make and receive calls with Bluetooth. Now you have see which are the best bluetooth car stereo for the money now making your choice should be much easier.

Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS Review

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHSPioneer is one of top leading car audio manufactures in the world. This stereo unit is one of kinda and it will look beautiful in any car. The Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS receiver is one the top double din head units you can buy. This top of the line stereo is quite costly but if your willing to dish up the money, it’s worth every penny.

The AVH-X5600BHS is equipped with a 7 Inch LCD touchscreen with built-in back light that allows you to adjust the background color to you’re preference. This is one great feature that allows everyone to be happy by choosing their favorite color. The LCD display screen can be adjusted in five different position with a touch of a bottom to ensure you get the greatest angel view possible. By adjusting this it can please the person in the passenger seat, driver seat or even the people in the back seat. Lastly, this particular car receiver also include a back-up camera port that allows you to connect an existing or a new back-up camera, which will stream thru the LCD display.


  • Built-in HD Radio Tuner for stream high quality music.
  • Bluetooth compatible for hands free calling and video/music streaming.
  • Camera input for installing rear back-up camera to navigate into tight parking spots.
  • iPod control so you can easy navigate you’re songs on your iPod through the stereo unit.

The AVH-X5600BHS is an all-around car stereo with Bluetooth and tons of other features included. Pioneer has done it once again and built an amazing car receiver that has better performance, better quality and sounds better than the competitions. The prices are all about the same, so if spending a good amount of money on a car stereo with bluetooth isn’t a problem, then this is the one for you.


The JVC KWAV71BT Bluetooth car stereo is one the best and slickest looking JVC has made. It’s honestly one of the top-sellers you can buy for the money. On top of that, it also comes loaded with some of great features, a lot of setting and true quality.

With JVC being one of the top car audio brands in the industry, they have proven themselves on making the greatest car speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. You can never go wrong when choosing the JVC brand to stand behind your car audio system.

The JVC KWAV71BT stereo has a clean and smooth 7” Built-in WVGA monitor that’s crystal clear. It’s truly and amazing touchscreen car stereo with Bluetooth built-in and many other great features. Having a Bluetooth built-in can make it much easier answering and making phone calls hands-free, control your music thru other Bluetooth devices and it’s never been easier.

Like most of the best Bluetooth stereos for cars it also include an input jack so you can have review back-up camera installed. Having a rear-view camera really comes in hand when you are trying to back into those tight parking spots safely. My kid needs that because you can even use these input jacks to keep them happy in the back seat with movie. What this will do is send the movie to a movie screen in the rear on an extra video screen. This is great feature to have when taking long trips and you want to keep the kids occupied.

All in all, the JVC KWAV71BT double din stereo unit is amongst the greatest in the car audio industry. The features this bad boy has to offer are just endless and can do just about anything with it. However, the only downside I see about this product is the price. Costing roughly around $400, the JVC KWAV71BT is worth every penny in my eyes.

The Verdict

There are tons of great car stereos with bluetooth available on the market. However, which one is the best for you? Well, that’s a difficult question because each person is different and want’s different features, options, brands and lastly, have a different budget. So picking just “one” is hard since each and every person is different. With that being said, that’s why we made a list of the top-rated car stereo’s to help everyone find what they’re looking for. We picked out units that budgets are in a wide range and features that are up-to-date.

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