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Car audio capacitors are among the most frequently misinterpreted audio elements, however they basically are not that complex. For beginner’s, a car audio capacitor is merely an electronic digital part which can be used to hold and store energy, almost like a car electric battery. In reality, the earliest “batteries” were basically old fashioned audio capacitors which were built from water-filled glass containers.

As opposed to batteries, capacitors are made to hold and release electrical power very quickly when necessary.

In car audio components, this potential is often utilized to be able to produce an on-demand power source for a car amplifier. Considering that the power density of the majority of capacitors is much more less compared to an alkaline battery, a car or truck audio capacitor is normally larger as opposed to those obtained in most electronic devices.

If you’re experiencing head light flickering then you might want to consider installing a car stereo capacitor and give your subwoofer that extra juice it needs for the hard pounding bass. Below we have a made a list of some of the best car audio capacitors that we recommend checking out.

List of Best Car Audio Capacitors


Rockford RFC2D 2 Farad Hybrid Digital Capacitor

Rockford RFC1 1 Farad Capacitor

PYLE PLCAPE50 5.0 Farad Digital Power Capacitor

Power Acoustik 2.0 Farad Digital Power Capacitor

What is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is an electronic component featuring its two plates (electronically conductive materials) divided by an insulator. The audio capacitor’s value is basically dependant upon the complete surface portion of the plates and also the range between your plates (based on the insulator’s width). A Farad would be the unit accustomed to show a capacitors capacity to store energy. For the majority of circuits, almost nothing approaching a single Farad is required. Frequently, smaller capacitors is going to be more than enough.

What farad size capacitor do I need?

Based simply how much electrical power you operating within your car audio system is the way you should select the size and farad power. For approximately each and every 1,000 watts you need to utilize one farad is the general rule here. I would suggest pursuing this guideline for the best outcomes achievable. Possessing greater than this concept is okay and may potentially see superior results however, not very likely. It’s usually much better to go overboard in this instance than under due it. Under performing will likely not supply any improvements and may make the problem even worse than it currently is. You should definitely have a minimum of 2 farad just to be on the safe side.

Car Audio Capacitor Reviews

Power Acoustik 2. Farad Digital Power Audio Capacitor

Acoustik tends to make among the finest power capacitors that you can buy. This particular one is considered one of their most popular model and once you discover its overall performance you’ll find out why. There’s an easy-to-read electronic digital voltage amplifier reading so that you can confirm the voltage whenever. It runs using 12-16 voltage to get the best outcome.

It is made in a chrome coated luxurious design and style that looks great. Also, it includes a mounting station that can’t remain visible due to the fact it’s transparent. If you want an excellent bolt of electrical power to your vehicle sound system this could be the perfect one for you.

BOSS Audio CPBL2 2 Farad Audio Capacitor

This unique 2 farad capacitor is in the best-selling section for car audio on Amazon. The buying price of about $30 bucks and also the overall performance and quality is hard to beat. It features a electronic digital voltage visual display unit to see the voltage which is actually a very beneficial gizmo. Having one of these capacitor can help your audio system store its power and provide rapid jolts of energy as required. These will give your car speakers, subwoofer and amplifier and better connections and help overall with your entire audio system.

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