What is the loudest Bluetooth Speaker?

loud bluetooth speakerThere are tons of loud bluetooth speakers on the market but which one is the loudest and sounds the best? Well, that’s what we are about to share with you. There are tons of bluetooth speakers on the market claiming they are the best and are the loudest but are they really?

When it comes to find the right kind of bluetooth speakers depending on the occasion isn’t easy unless you know what you’re looking for. With that being said, what we have done was tested several different type of speakers with bluetooth that are have quality sound, loud, reliable, and most of all, the best you can buy for the price.

Below we have a list of the loudest bluetooth speaker that are all-around in every aspect that have been hand-picked by our staff.

The Best & Loudest Bluetooth Speaker List 2016

Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth SpeakerBig BlueUnder $2004.7
VAVA Voom Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers 2.1 Channel Surround Sound, 20W Strong Bass from 10W Drivers, 10W Subwoofer and Dual Passive Radiators (3-Mode Equalizer Music, Charger Port for Phones, aptX, Mic)VaVaUnder $1004.7
Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker (Black)BoseUnder $1504.6
Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker, BlackSkullcandyUnder $1004.4
JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker (Black)JBLUnder $754.4

Tips On Choosing The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to picking a loud bluetooth speakers you need to know a few things to looking to make sure its going to produce clear loud audio quality. So we made a little guide below on some feature and specification you should look out for when choosing a loud bluetooth speaker.

  • Decibels: No sure what decibels is? Decibels is the measurement of power or intensity that the speaker is going to produce. For every 10 decibels is ten times of the “logarithm to base 10” which means every 10 decibels the speakers is twice as loud. So a 70 decibel speakers can produce twice as much sound as a 60 decibel speaker. Therefore, when choosing a bluetooth speakers that really loud you are going to want to find a high decibel portable bluetooth speaker.
  • Brand: When it comes to buying anything in the technology world brand is probably one of most over-looked aspect when choosing a product. Having a good brand name such as Sony or JBL can have many benefits verse a brand-name speaker that no one has ever heard of before. Brand name such as Sony are known for the quality of sound and also the reliability. They thrive to produce only the best product. Buying a cheap bluetooth speaker probably isn’t going to be loud, reliable and more than likely won’t last for a long time.
  • Battery Life: This is important because all speakers have a different amount of playtime until they need to be recharged again. Some can last a three to four hours while others can last up to more than twelve hours. It all depends on the battery and the bluetooth speaker. Some people like to spend the few extra bucks and get twice the playtime our of there speaker. So make sure you always check the speaker spec’s and see how long the battery life is and make sure it meets your requirements.
  • Waterproof: Not all portable bluetooth speakers come waterproof. So if you’re looking for a waterproof bluetooth speaker then you need make sure its waterproof. Usually you can check under the specifications of the speaker and it will tell you weather if its waterproof or not. If it doesn’t say it or don’t find where it says, then the chances are the speaker isn’t waterproof.

Loudest Bluetooth Speakers Reviewed

Skullcandy Air Raid Review

skullcandy air raid reviewThis is one of the most toughest and loudest bluetooth speakers you can find on the market today. This bad boy can handle all weather conditions, sand, dirt, water and whatever else you throw at it all while its blasting as loud as can be. The Skullcandy Air Raid weighs about 1.1 pounds and very resilient.

It has a good amount of playtime depending on the volume level you play it at. You can be wirelessly or you can have in plugged in while using depending if there’s an outlet where you’re at. The sound quality of the Skullcandy Air Raid is overall impressive and is very loud and crystal clear to the ears.

All in all, when its comes to find the best, loudest, and clear sounding bluetooth speaker this speaker has it all. It cost just under $100 and will be hard to find another speaker within it’s price range to match the durable, quality, and its features that is has to offer.

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