Audio Speaker World is reviewing all the latest home audio, car audio, marine audio and many various audio equipments/accessories to help consumers find the best products in the audio world.

Example: Best Bluetooth Earbuds / Best Car Speakers

Audio Speaker World has decided to make an Internet Marketing scholarship to help Postgraduates and Undergraduates that want to get ahead in the marketing world. The winner of he scholarship program with win a $500 award and various other winners can win bluetooth speakers, headphones, or other niffy gifts related to audio.

Each contestant is required to research and write a review about an audio related product and will be scored on their writing skills and how much research they have conducted.

How to Submit Application

You will need to send the .doc file to and also need to include the following…

  1. Your information (First & Last name, Phone, and Address).
  2. Name of institution.
  3. College ID card or some kind of documents to prove your a student.

If you have any questions feel free to check out our contact page with any questions comments or concerns about this Scholarship assignment.

Deadline of Submission: 25th May 2017

Number of Scholarships: 1-3

Result Declaration: 1st June 2017 reserves the right over usage of your submission for promotional and/or marketing purposes at platforms deemed fit.