pictek 104 keys anti ghosting mechanical gaming keyboard

PICTEK 104 Keys Anti-Ghosting Mechanical Video Gaming Key-board: A Comprehensive Evaluation

pictek 104 keys anti ghosting mechanical gaming keyboard
pictek 104 keys anti ghosting mechanical gaming keyboard


Let’s face it; there are numerous PC gaming keyboards out there, each proclaiming features that make them the “ideal” choice for players. However, what occurs when you stumble upon the PICTEK 104 Keys Anti-Ghosting Mechanical Video Gaming Keyboard? Is it worth your attention? We’ll explore the nitty-gritty information of this keyboard in this detailed review.

Develop as well as Layout

Upon very first look, the PICTEK 104-key mechanical PC gaming keyboard makes a perception with its sleek, minimalist layout. While it lacks the cost metal body found in more costly versions, it still really feels sturdy as well as sturdy.

Anti-Ghosting Innovation

One of the major highlights is its anti-ghosting innovation, which permits multiple secrets to be pressed all at once without ‘ghosting’ or sending out incorrect signals. This is especially helpful for busy PC gaming situations where fast keypresses are the norm.

Mechanical Buttons

While the keyboard does not come with Cherry MX switches, it features custom-made mechanical switches designed to simulate the tactile feel of Cherry MX Blues. They are clicky and provide you with that tactile bump for a rewarding keypress, all at a much-reduced rate factor.

Keycap Top Quality and Backlighting

The keycaps are constructed from double-shot ABS material, making sure of sturdiness as well as durability. The RGB backlighting is intense as well as vivid, offering a variety of modification choices to match your PC gaming arrangement.

Software application and Customization

Although not as progressed as software programs from more well-known brands, PICTEK’s personalization software is decent for the fundamentals. You can remap secrets, establish macros, and also customize private crucial illumination.

Additional Qualities

In regards to added features, the keyboard is somewhat standard. It does not have devoted media keys or USB pass-throughs but offsets it with function key shortcuts for media control.

Video gaming Efficiency

When it pertains to gaming, the PICTEK 104-key keyboard doesn’t let down. The mechanical switches sign up keypresses properly as well as quickly, and the anti-ghosting modern technology guarantees that your hectic in-game activities are performed flawlessly.

Functional designs and Convenience

The keyboard doesn’t include a wrist remainder. However, its keys are ergonomically developed for a comfy inputting experience. The tilt adjustment allows you to set it at an angle that’s comfortable for you.

Cost and Value

Thinking about the features it offers, this keyboard is surprisingly cost-effective. It offers you a preference for mechanical switches, anti-ghosting, and RGB lighting without breaking the financial institution.

Benefits and drawbacks


  • Inexpensive
  • Anti-ghosting modern technology
  • Custom mechanical switches
  • RGB backlighting


  • Does not have costs to build materials
  • Limited advanced software customization

Final Thoughts

The PICTEK 104 Keys Anti-Ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers an excellent set of functions for gamers on a budget plan. While it might lack the bells and whistles of premium designs, it provides where it counts: efficiency as well as dependability. If you’re searching for an economical mechanical PC gaming keyboard that doesn’t jeopardize vital functions, this could be an outstanding alternative for you.

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