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5 Best High End Tower Speakers

Introduction No doubt, good tower speakers are an essential component of a high-quality home audio setup. But, finding the best among many different varieties available on the market can be a challenge. Sure, you can hit the market and purchase your floor-standing speakers, if it meets your

A Complete List of Speaker Equipment and Details

The music habit of the people has changed with the development of the modern technology and they need more equipment rather than just a speaker for the shake of better sounds. If you are a music geek and not satisfied with your audio system then adding some

What are the Differences between Various Surround Sound Formats?

If you have ever been shopping for a cool home speaker system, you may have encountered certain audio brands like “Dolby” and “DTS.” In fact, most speaker products boast tech specs like “Dolby Atmos.” These brand names refer to different audio tech formats that create the surround

7 Home Theater Audio Setup Tip

A home theater is a great investment if your family enjoys movie night on a weekly basis or even more often. While it’s primarily the type of home improvement chosen for personal reasons, it also offers an average return on investment of around 65%. This means you’ll

Reviewed: DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker

Looking for a decent portable speaker under $50? There’s a lot on the market now, but you can’t say they’re all worth the price. Lucky for people on a budget DOSS gives us a Bluetooth speaker that’s more than just decent, but true bang for the buck.

How to Choose Your Favorite Bookshelf Speaker

There are multiple choices for customers to choose speakers for home theater system or for the pure joy of listening to pleasing stereo music. When it comes to a bookshelf speaker, it is great device for listening to your favorite music and enjoying home theater entertainment. It

Choosing the Right Audio Equipment for your Event

When doing any event, choosing the right audio is an essential recipe for success. The equipment you choose should have the capability of producing clear audio to send the message across successfully. It is important to have the right speaker layout and audio coverage to relay content

Choosing The Best Bluetooth Speakers For Your Sound System

Looking for the best bluetooth speakers? With improvements in wireless sound quality being added every year, knowing the differences in these new features is important when selecting portable bluetooth speakers for your sound system. There are many different options to consider when purchasing your Bluetooth speaker. Although

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones Review

These good looking Sol Republic headphones are quite comfortable, light and sport some very durable design. Along with a useful detachable cordage, decent interchangeable headband, remote control, and also with integrated microphone. Their sound is pretty good, delivers deep bass, nice treble, and they are very cheap